5 Big Questions for An Awesome Professional Website: Infographic

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Planning and Analysis

Planning and analysis will be a big part of your business planning, and a website may well have been considered. Many new businesses start with just the business owner and in a recent piece of analysis, it is suggested that not having a website can cost the small business £32,000 a year in lost revenue.

1. What are you selling?

As a business you are always selling something, right? That’s why you are in business. But what are you selling? Is a service, or a range of products? In the rush to list your products and services don’t forget you also have to sell your business. Consider your USP’s (Unique Selling Points) and how you put them across to the user.

2. Who is your ideal customer?

Who is it? How will you put your business messages across to them? This is something that is important. If your target audience is slightly younger, then you may want to think about a video or two. Other factors to consider are whether you are selling to a business (b2b) or are selling to a consumer (b2c). Each group requires different messages that will turn them into customers.

3. How will they buy from you?

So, you have your product range or service. But how are customers going to pay for your goods and services? Taking payment online makes it convenient for your customers to deal with you, it gives a 24/7 always open shop. The downside is that e-commerce facilities will incur additional costs and it’s important that you factor these costs into your pricing.

4. Where will they find you?

Do you have a shop or a physical location where you want the customer to come and visit you? 76% of location searches by users resulted in a visit on the same day. If you want customers to come & find you using the right contact information is key. As an added extra here you should ensure that you set up Google my business. This is a free tool that Google provides to ensure your business can be found on Google maps.

5. Why will they buy from you?

When all is said and done, you have got your customer to your website, what will make them buy from you. Every page, image and text within your site is being used by your customers to assess the outcome of them deciding to buy from you. Think about accreditations you might have that would add weight to your business name.

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