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I’m curious about decisions, strategy, and how to live my best life. Follow me as I write to figure it out and share some wisdom along the way.

To make good decisions you need to stop making bad ones first

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There is nothing more annoying than making bad decisions.

We all want to make good decisions. We always want to be correct. But all too often, we end up making a bad decision, ignoring common sense as we fool ourselves.

Good decision-making comes from a combination of factors. We have instincts to gauge the risk that comes from our sense of whether to fight/flight/freeze. Of course, we can also accurately assess the information we have using mental models. Our cognitive biases can help us — or distract us — depending on our mental state.

These are just a few of…

How to find a new perspective beyond your temporary feelings

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Temporary feelings ebb and flow through our minds all the time. And yet, despite our knowledge of them, we still make bold permanent decisions under their influence. We forget that feelings are temporary, let alone understand how dangerous it is to make permanent decisions whilst feeling this way.

Knowing that feelings are temporary offers us a moment of choice; to accept the temporary feelings — or to find a way through our thoughts to a safer, more logical way of thinking.

What we need is two-fold.

  1. A reminder our feelings are temporary. …

All we need are three steps to recover our lost focus and get us back on track.

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I’ve lost focus, again.

It always happens to me, losing my focus. In a world of noise, whether it be my Twitter feed or the challenge of looking after my parents, my concentration slips, and I’ve lost focus, again.

Of course, I have my life goals to help me focus — but sometimes you need a focus for now.

As a writer, suffering from a lost focus is a significant problem. Sometimes ideas cascade as if they were falling from a waterfall after a storm laden night. The surge was unstoppable as it plunges over the precipice.

Now, the midday…

I'm not a smoker either, but I love the principle of using a distraction to force the pause!

I always remember my first aid training as a scout. Stop, Think, then Act (STA).

A lack of awareness shows itself in many ways, none more so than managing the impact of our cognitive biases

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A friend won’t have her second AstraZeneca vaccination.

The blood clot issue frightens her, and she worries it will happen to her if she has the second jab. Of course, she had the first jab when there was no information regarding the potential dangers of blood clots. Then it was as simple as have the vaccination to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

But now the news is full of concerns regarding a possible link between the AstraZeneca vaccination and life-threatening blood clots.

My friend fears getting a blood clot from the second jab. She can’t escape what her mind is…

The importance of taking the time to pause and reflect

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As a starting point in any decision, you would struggle to do better than pause and reflect.

You see, haste brings error. It brings emotion, it brings impulsiveness, it brings chaos — none of which are welcome when deciding.

Taking the time to pause and reflect is a superpower. If you asked me what’s the one piece of wisdom everyone should take from The Resolve Blog, it would be to pause and reflect before deciding.

It is as simple as that. If you took this first part of making effective decisions personally and ignored the rest, you’d be in a…

Don’t Live with the Pain of Regret You Didn’t Start

Image created by Author

Start today.

It’s your only instruction. The only rule you need to follow, the only decision you need to make is to start today. Just as the sun rises and the dawn chorus of birdsong fills the silence from the night every day, so you need to do the same.

For years I craved peace.

I yearned for solitude from the noise of the town. No longer did I want to hear the roar from the bus as the diesel engine coughed into life, ready to carry its passengers along. No longer could I cope with walking past the smoking…

A process to help you consider the consequences, whether they be good, bad, or just doing nothing.

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Perspective changes decisions. It gives us a view unseen from the stance we’re holding, like looking over the horizon from a mile further forward than you’re stood.

We make decisions all the time; what to wear, what to eat, what to buy at the shop, and even what foot to lead with when we walk. Our intelligence has learned to simplify the process of making decisions through intuition; an inherited system of responses found within our genes. Over thousands of years, our forefathers learned the survival instincts of flight, fight, or freeze.

These decisions are second nature to us now…

It’s the art of doing the opposite

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When you outscore your opponent in football, you win. In the quest to win English football's biggest prize, managers have chased the glory of goals to succeed. Teams have gone all out to keep hitting the back of the net. It drives the game forward, as managers seek to adopt smarter ways to create and score goals.

Twenty-five years ago, Kevin Keegan managed a Newcastle team utterly focused on scoring goals. Attack, attack, attack. Scoring freely, they were still outgunned by Manchester Utd, who scored more goals and won more games.

Newcastle came second that season.

There is always another…

How imagining your life ten years from now can give you life goals worth chasing

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We take life goals for granted.

The passing of my stepdad brought that perspective to me. His passing hurt me in a way no other earlier losses have. Dear grandparents have gone, creating a void once filled with love. Yes, their passing was sad, but not like this.

I’m sad because my stepdad had life goals he can’t achieve now. He wanted to explore and make friends, having moved not long ago. This won’t be happening now. But I’m also sad for his passing as it exposes a truth; we don’t get to live forever.

I’m running out of days.

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