Did COVID-19 Just Have Its Super Saturday in the UK?

A perfect day of super-spreading for the virus

Darren Matthews
5 min readMar 26, 2020


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The 21st March 2020 will become a date time stamped in the history books, for it was the day COVID-19 had it’s Super Saturday.

This was the date the UK effectively gave COVID-19 it’s glory shot. It won’t show itself for a week or so — but it will — and the UK will regret the decisions it didn’t make.

History will record the 21st March 2020 as a glorious Saturday.
A day when the weather was dry, the sky a beautiful blue spoiled only by a brisk breeze to take the edge of the sun’s spring rays.

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak had the night before brought more financial support to the economy. Employers and employees let out a collective sigh of relief as wages received protection, a level of support never seen before in the UK.

The last act from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was to announce the closure of all pubs, restaurants and clubs. A vain attempt to further reduce social interactions and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Earlier in the week, Boris had blurted out his belief that the country could turn the tide against COVID-19 and send it packing. The time frame he referenced was 12 weeks.

It all combined to make Saturday the 21st March the perfect day for a super-spreader event.

COVID-19 and its Super Saturday

After all the ups and downs of the daily press conferences, the vibe on that Friday night seemed to be one of victory. The uninformed started to believe COVID-19 was a storm in a teacup.

In homes up and down the country, three months became three weeks. A game of Chinese whispers no less.

With all this in mind, the British public pondered the delights of the weather forecast that Friday night. A lovely spring Saturday beckoned, and so the masses, with confidence from Boris and the chancellor, all said let’s go out on Saturday.

And out they went, in their masses.

The National Trust had more visitors than ever, of people exploring their grounds and getting outside. Seaside towns were swamped with visitors…



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