Entropy: The Concealed Force Ready to Ruin Your Life

But, there is way out of the gloom!

Darren Matthews


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Entropy is a concealed force we struggle to understand.

In the strict sense of the word, the definition — with its scientific meaning is often beyond most of us. But that doesn’t let you off the hook.

The Wikipedia entry makes my point:

  • Entropy is a scientific concept
  • It’s a measurable physical property
  • It quantifies the disorder, randomness, or uncertainty of a system

This isn’t an article where I expand on the scientific meaning of entropy.

No, I want to highlight to you the life-changing impact of entropy. I want you to understand how disorder, randomness & uncertainty will affect your decision-making.

In this article, I explain how entropy entered my parent’s lives and ruined them. I’ll give an example of what you should do to limit the impact of entropy in your life.

How Entropy Took Over My Parents’ Lives

What unfolds in the true stroy below, is summarised as follows:

  • My stepdad suffered a stroke
  • His cognitive abilities began to reduce
  • His-and my mum’s desire to do things began to diminish
  • Their quality of decision-making declined with a loss of objectivity
  • Covid and the lockdown only reinforced their bad ways of living
  • My Stepdad suffered further mental deterioration ending in an unsurprising diagnosis
  • A kitchen fire started by my stepdad trying to make toast caused chaos
  • After the fire came my stepdad’s death from Covid caught in a hospital

Here are the tragic events which explain how entropy took over my parents lives…

The Descent to Chaos

In 2017, my stepdad suffered a small stroke.

He seemed to recover well, returning to his love of driving after a mandatory break.



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