Great article and I would like to thank you for creating this facebook group.

I do disagree with you on your statement that FB group are really bad for self-promotion of Medium stories. In the first instance, your stats of 1 post to 9 comments to 12 reactions clearly show there is engagement within the group.

Given that the majority of the posts are members promoting their articles, members are clicking through and reading what's on the end of the link. For new writers that don’t have an audience to reach on social media groups like MPP Friends are invaluable.

I joined the group in August and I get a consistent 5%-10% of views from Facebook, and I don’t share my articles outside of the Facebook groups.

Others might look at this and say that’s not good on the other sources of traffic, but we all know how tough getting an audience on Medium is.

The group has inspired some of my articles and helped expand my knowledge and I think it’s helped improve my writing. So, I’m grateful for your time and effort. In spite of what Medium is doing in changing its platform, Medium needs new writers and more content. Groups like the MPP -Friends only help drive that. Thank you, Michael K. Spencer.

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I’m curious about decisions, strategy, and how to live my best life. Follow me as I write to figure it out and share some wisdom along the way.

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