How Changing Perspectives Adds Strength to Your Decision-Making

Imagination is quite an asset when it comes to deciding

Darren Matthews
5 min readJul 4, 2022


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Changing perspectives is a gift most choose not to use.

It isn’t easy-changing perspectives.

But, when you do, oh wow. It leads to new questions. New queries lead to new information which leads you to new considerations.

Everything changes.

When it happens, and you end up changing your point of view, your decision-making grows in strength.

Without it, it’s like you’re trapped in a tunnel.

The strong concrete walls hold back gravity’s urge to fill the space you’re in. Your only view is the one right in front of you. Darkness fills the void between you and the distant white dot which marks your point of exit.

In physical terms, you’re trapped.

But, as we will explore-and as Yuval Noah Harari explains in his fascinating book, Sapiens, we have a unique skill. One that sets us apart from other species and also helps us when it comes to changing perspectives.

Our imagination.

Your Perspective isn’t Just What You See

We see far more with our minds than our eyes.

Our eyes are incredible. They enable us to see the bright of day and the dark of night, the orange leaves of fall, the deep lilac shades of lavender, and the haze of a distant hill. But our minds take us even further.

Minds create images beyond our eyes.

There may be no greater painter than our imagination.

What we view, we judge. We form opinions and grow beliefs on the information we absorb with our eyes and imagine in our minds. Misused, our imagination creates cul-de-sacs of unchallenged perspectives we use to make decisions.

We then use these perspectives to form assumptions that influence future choices.

“The eyesight for an eagle is what thought is to a man.”―Dejan Stojanovic

Our greatest strength is our ability to use thoughts from our dreams and ambitions to…



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