Thank you for your comments. In many respects, I completely agree with you. The quality issue is one I see all the time and it inspired me to write this piece. I’m frustrated at the number of writers that don’t understand the purpose of the platform they are writing on.

The vast majority of writers on Medium are amateurs looking for a way to share their thoughts. Medium makes that so easy. To avoid the hassle of setting up a blog and all the grief that goes with it. On Medium you can just write and with time and significantly less effort than promoting a blog you can get people to read your articles. The cherry on the cake is the MPP offering writers a means to earn money.

And so, they come in their droves. Thousands of amateur writers, all enticed with the thought of making money.

My point is that there is a perception that Medium owes the writers when it should be the other way round. Medium is the person that pays us after all. We, the writers owe Medium and therefore we should all be thinking about how we can make this business grow. Our job as writers has to focus on quality. Maybe we are guilty of writing for ourselves, rather than our audience? Should we as writers think of Medium as a publication rather than a platform? Yes, I think we should. We need to stop focusing on the audience within Medium and think about the one outside.

The move to introduce more Medium publications is one that has the potential to help lift up the quality. Is it needed? Yes, I think so.

I was trying to be objective about how I see Medium moving forward. To make the point to my fellow writers that we all need to up our game and write better.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts. It’s good to get a different perspective on the platform we share.

I’m curious about decisions, strategy, and how to live my best life. Follow me as I write to figure it out and share some wisdom along the way.

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