Your insights are spot on in my view. This move to limit the spread and engagement on topics is a real kicker.

Medium made a point recently of saying to writers not to publish free articles. To put everything behind the paywall, which I understand. It pushes readers to become members, thus generating revenue. But, if writers can’t earn a sensible amount from it, why bother. The only winner is Medium and the select few, which would be a waste.

Medium offers a great platform to help people write. In a world increasingly focused on social media algorithms, Medium has chance to break the hold. It allows people to share insightful articles, something lost in the clutter of Facebook and the speed of Twitter.

I hope Medium doesn’t waste the opportunity they have before them.

I’m curious about decisions, strategy, and how to live my best life. Follow me as I write to figure it out and share some wisdom along the way.

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