You’re completely right with this. The problem we all face is we have become inward looking. Facebook groups especially. If you could assess the number of “how to” articles on Medium writing over the last three months I would expect its gone up ten-fold.

What use is that to Medium? Yes it might help us beginner writers, but not Medium. Medium’s business model is a subscription one. To attract subscribers it needs quality content that readers will pay to read. Do readers outside of Medium really want to read about curation and claps?

This is why we are seeing the publications coming back into play. The MPP has created a vast quantity of writers and articles. 92% of them earning less than $100 a month. It’s not inspiring when you think about it. Let alone what it says for the overall quality of articles published on the platform. I suspect quantity has saturated quality making curation a dead duck for pulling in outside traffic.

Your exercise Michael. is very informative, but I fear it might be lost on the army of writers the platform has amassed in recent times.

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